48 hours in Delft

48 hours in Delft doing Delfts Goud

Weekend Delft

A long weekend away in Delft typically starts on Friday afternoon. There is always plenty to do for culture sniffers in the old town of Delft and all within walking distance. With a plan outlined below you can make the most out of your visit to Delft. Updated info about parking and pre-order your parking discount cards here. Please be aware that the inner city of Delft is only accessible by car with an exemption. We advise you to park your car in one of the 6 parking garages in Delft. Of course you can also come to Delft by train

 Friday 16.00 

Arrive in Delft at the striking railway station of Delft. 

 Friday 17.00 

Check in at hotel de Emauspoort and ask for the pipowagen. Why not?

 Friday 18.00 

After check in wander up the street to Lakila. Enjoy a healthy instagram worthy meal.

 Friday 19.00 

Any extra calories can be walked off as you wander to the Markt or Oude Langendijk to do some late night fashion shopping at De Style Kamer. Sleep well.

 Saturday 11.30 

Tour with carriage

Embark on the Markt in the waiting carriage of Stalhouderij Delftse Hout for a tour of the city.

 Saturday 12.00 

After the tour enjoy a take away Delfts Goud sandwich at Verkade & Jacques. So much to explore.

 Saturday 13.00 

Do some fun shopping in the heart of Delft or visit a museum or the Pieter de Hooch exhibition.

 Saturday 15.00 

Get a birds eye view of Delft and go climb the tower of the New Church.

 Saturday 19.00 

Romantic dinner

After a fabulous day you can enjoy a romantic dinner at Le Boudoir. Sleep well with a full belly.

 Sunday 11.00 

Sunday morning reserve your spot for a fun photoshoot in the studio of Something Extra and step into a painting by Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch or another painter of the Golden Age.

 Sunday 13.00 

Markt lunch

Lunch on the Markt at Het Konings Huys and try the pancakes.

 Sunday 14.00 

Historical guide tour

After lunch take a guided walking tour with a historical character from the Golden Age and discover Delft in a unique way. 

 Sunday 16.00 

Closing drink

Close off by a visit to De Klomp beer house for a special head-butt with the Delft Black Gin.

Barbara van Gelder | Something Extra

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