48 hours in Delft

48 hours in Delft for active people

Weekend Delft

A long weekend away in Delft typically starts on Friday afternoon. There is always plenty to do for active people in the old town of Delft and all within walking distance. With a plan outlined below you can make the most out of your visit to Delft. Updated info about parking and pre-order your parking discount cards here. Please be aware that the inner city of Delft is only accessible by car with an exemption. We advise you to park your car in one of the 6 parking garages in Delft. Of course you can also come to Delft by train

 Friday 16.30 

Start with a Delft city walk followed by a delicious High Wine.

 Friday 20.00 

After the wine, just drop down and relax watching the film of your choice.

 Friday 22.00 

A great choice for wine lovers and a wide choice of different gins.

 Saturday 9.30 

The coffee spot of Delft, start your day here with a wide choice of regional products and winning creations.

 Saturday 11.00 

Roll through Delft on a bright yellow kickbike. Ideal transport to discover the city of Delft. First stop the New Church.

 Saturday 11.15 

Known as the final resting place of the Royal House of Orange and the second highest church tower in the Netherlands.

 Saturday 13.00 

Catch your breath, here you can relax with good coffee, delicious lunch, ice cream or patisserie.

 Saturday 14.30 

 Saturday 19.00 

Fun night of bowling and dining in the most versatile entertainment venue in Delft.

 Saturday 22.00 

An energetic nightclub for people who appreciate good music.

 Sunday 11.00 

Get acquainted with famous Delft icons and the influence they have had on the Netherlands.

 Sunday 13.00 

Taste the best local ingredients. That yields a palette of pure flavors … and is made with love.

 Sunday 14.00 

Go back in time and dress up in the beautiful studio of Something Extra for a photo session.

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