48 hours in Delft

48 hours in Delft for culture sniffers

Weekend Delft

A long weekend away in Delft typically starts on Friday afternoon. There is always plenty to do for culture sniffers in the old town of Delft and all within walking distance. With a plan outlined below you can make the most out of your visit to Delft. Updated info about parking and pre-order your parking discount cards here. Please be aware that the inner city of Delft is only accessible by car with an exemption. We advise you to park your car in one of the 6 parking garages in Delft. Of course you can also come to Delft by train

 Friday 17.30 

Back to the Middle Ages. Enjoy delicious food in medieval style.

 Friday 20.15 

Enjoy a cultural evening in the most hospitable theater in the Netherlands.

 Friday 23.00 

You can not get closer to an artist, enjoy the best acts.

 Saturday 9.00 


Start the day with a delicious coffee and a nice breakfast surrounded with original gadgets.

 Saturday 10.00 

The oldest church in Delft with the leaning tower. In the church you can find the grave of the painter Johannes Vermeer.

 Saturday 11.00 

Known as the final resting place of the Royal House of Orange and the second highest church tower in the Netherlands.

 Saturday 13.00 

Here you can have a nice lunch. Il Tartufo serves delicious espresso, panini and delicious pastas.

 Saturday 14.00 

Get acquainted with famous Delft icons and the influence they have had on the Netherlands.

 Saturday 16.00 

Delft’s oldest café with history clearly visible. The café has existed since 1652, the building even older: 1538.

 Saturday 18.30 

The restaurant for music makers, artists and for lovers of regional food and drinks.

 Saturday 20.00 

Filmhuis Lumen is an unsubsidized and independent cinema with a passion for cinema.

 Sunday 12.30 

Just a moment of rest and enjoy a delicious lunch in the old main post office of Delft.

 Sunday 14.00 

Travel through the history of age old pottery.

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