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A field of flowers in the city

Pauline Bloembinders

At Pauline Bloembinders the love for flower-arranging has been elevated to an art form. So, don’t come expecting a simple bunch of roses adorned only with apples leaves or gypsophila.

The first impression is that of a lush, green wilderness. Pauline’s shop is filled literally to the brim. In front are wooden tables with fresh flowers, and toward the back are large vases filled with silken flowers. On closer inspection you’ll discover dolls clad in green and surprising compositions under bell-glasses.

Starting out in the trade more than thirty years ago, Pauline Brouwer has since become known for her distinctive style. Appreciated by customers and by clients alike – it’s nice to know that the mayor’s office is always adorned with a signature-style bouquet by Pauline. Pauline tends to choose unusual flowers first and then accentuate the arrangement until she has an artful bouquet. “No frills, please,” she insists, though. “Flowers form a bouquet in the most natural way possible, something like capturing a field of flowers in a vase,” says Pauline.

To add to exclusivity, the shop is only open on three days of the week. “Periods of rest are great for opening the doors to inspiration and creativity. Go with the flow,” she’ll tell you. Contrary to what you might expect, this profession was not a childhood dream of hers. “I wanted to get creative and just rolled into this trade. I hooked up with the right people when I worked as a trainee. I learned a lot from an artist friend of mine, who took me out of my comfort zone. My career is like a tree: the roots are firmly grounded, but people that cross my path shape its branches.” 

Pauline Florist’s is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On other days she works by appointment only.

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