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The restaurant GRK & ZO is the new kid on the block at Doelenplein Delft. Owners are Sakis and Ketty. After more than twenty years of hospitality experience in various authentic Greek restaurants they searched and found a new challenge.

Rough walls interspersed with metal ladders, wooden tables and funky chairs. This restaurant does not have the usual Greek interior with traditional plaster walls and pillars. Despite this modern interior, the observant visitor will recognize Greek accents such as Greek newspapers and retro posters on the walls. In the middle of the restaurant, a large picture attracts attention.

There is room for everyone.

Owner Ketty: “Look, in one picture you see several centuries combined. In the back you see the ancient Acropolis, in the front a subway station with graffiti. You see a lot of this old and new combination in Greece these days”. Ketty loves the Greek nightlife. “What I like about it is that young and old people go to the same places. There is room for everyone. We want our restaurant to be like that. For instance, at the front of the restaurant you can relax with a cocktail, and in the back there are larger tables where families often eat.”

GRK & Zo are inspired, but not limited by the Greek cuisine. That explains the name ‘GRK & Zo’ which means ‘Greek and Something’. Ketty: “We offer Greek food, but you can also order a salmon risotto or a burger for example. Everything is possible, everything is allowed. Even if you just want to have a drink.”

Ketty likes their new place at Doelenplein. “I think it’s a nice area of Delft. It’s warmer and more intimate than other town squares within the innercity of Delft. Along with other restaurant owners, we regularly organize events, such as concerts or open air cinema sessions. I tremendously enjoy the relaxed energy in our Doelenplein area.”

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