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New York Bistro Sevenhills Delft

New York Bistro Sevenhills stands out. The architectural expansion is a beautiful eyecatcher. The shiny metallic walls and the graffiti of a yellow cab are not anywhere near common. But perhaps most striking is the young entrepreneurial couple that runs the restaurant.

‘We met each other nine years ago at work. It started out as a side job…,’ says Jarl Broekhuizen, who was still a civil engineering student at the time. They fell for each other and for the profession. Jarl: ‘You have to be a bit silly for the hospitality industry. Long days, hard work … I am happy with it. I am not a 9-to-5 person.’

You have to be a bit silly for the hospitality industry

For a long time they ran restaurants for others. When Sevenhills came up for sale, they did not have to think twice. Kimberley van der Merwe: ‘It suits us. It is modern, attractive and young. The restaurant feels like home. We are there more often than at our own place’, and laughs. Jarl: ‘We are just ourselves here. There is always room for a joke.’

They are particularly proud of the dry-aged cupboard with Tomahawk meat, the 26 types of gin … and especially proud of each other. Kimberley: ‘I think it’s great how Jarl juggles things. He explains it all really well and enjoys doing it. The biggest wish was for us to have a terrace … and guess what, this summer our terrace boat will be on the water!’ Jarl: ‘She is so involved. Nice to see how she samples the new wines together with regular guests … I still enjoy working with her every day!’

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