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On the edge of the university campus lies a monumental building with a supersonic airplane on the forecourt. The faculty for Mining Engineering was once situated here. These days Science Center Delft provides insights into technical research.

When you enter, you do not know where to look. You see research setups and prototypes everywhere: in front of you, next to you and above you. From a solar car to a sleeping robot. From bio-digester to radiation meter.

Everyone is a researcher, from baby onwards.

Michael van der Meer, director of the Science Center Delft: ‘Everything you see was designed by students and researchers at TU Delft. We get involved in current research. That is never just theoretical, constructing and designing is always part of it.’

There is little to read in the museum, but a lot to try for yourself. Such as Vang where you have to catch as many balls as possible. Which is only  succesful once you recognize the mathematical pattern. In the WaterLab you can investigate the Dutch water supply. The BouwLab (ConstructionLab) is a favorite with kids. You can build a house on a vibrating plate.

A personal favorite is the test set-up of the ax bow. Michael ‘That researcher once experienced extreme heavy weather with his boat. His knees shattered by the wave movements. There must be better way, he thought.’  Michael proudly walks through the museum. ‘Nice to see how concentrated visitors are, realizing that they have a grip on things themselves. Everyone is a researcher, from baby onwards. And there is a technician in everyone.’

TIP: On Sundays and during holidays there are often workshops, such as hovercraft making. At sneak peeks you visit private places of the museum, such as the attic with 4000 minerals and ores.

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