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Stads-Koffyhuis Delft

Along the most beautiful and famous canal, the Oude Delft, you will find the Stads-Koffyhuis, in their own words ‘the town’s favourite spot’. The homely feel resonates with both Delft visitors and locals.

Those who know the place, pay a visit every now and then. Just like a couple who live in Canada for already thirty years, “they just have to stop by each time they visit the Netherlands. It’s like coming home, even after all these years,” says Roland Dijkman, who runs the establishment with Ferry van Winden. The 51 year old authentic Stads-koffyhuis serves the best coffee, various flavours of tea, pancakes and even burgers. Above all, you’ll be there for the famous and delicious sandwiches. Take a peek at the menu and it shows plenty of Delft on offer, ranging from locally brewed beer to flour from the Delft Molen (Windmill) ‘De Roos’ in the pancakes.

The Tastiest Sandwich of the Netherlands

The fact that everyone feels at home is also reflected in the team’s composition. “Like our guests, our team is diverse too; permanent staff, students and staff with a distance to the labour market. Our Philip won the top prize in the ‘Lekkerste Broodje’ (Tastiest Sandwich) of the Netherlands competition, in the ‘Lekker Anders’ (Tasty & Different) category. This annual competition is intended for hospitality professionals with a disability.”

At Stads-koffyhuis you won’t find exposed brick walls, an industrial look or other hipster styling, they keep up through its original, creative and innovative menu. Even the walls with exhibition space for local artists and their gift items have the Delft touch, such as a beautiful personalised Delft Blue tile. The alfresco terrace boat in front offers stunning views of the Old Church. Yes, the Stads-koffyhuis is a beloved place that you will leave feeling content and always return to with pleasure.

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