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Meyer & Meyer Delft

Delft is traditionally a men city, thanks to the Technical University Delft. Naturally Delft has a good selection of menswear shops such as Meyer & Meyer located at a stone’s throw from Town Hall.

Mandy Doerga, the manager, says: “Eighty percent of our clothing stock is solely produced for Meyer & Meyer. Therefore we can deliver high quality clothing for low prices.”

We see people at special moments in their lives.

A customer enters the shop. He puts a blue pettycoat on the counter. “This belongs to my daughter. Would you have a matching tie and a jacket for me?” It is striking that Mandy doesn’t even ask for his size. After ten minutes he walks out the door with a jacket and tie. Mandy: “My colleagues and I developed an eye for what size people are. It has become our our classic service. You do not have to search in the rack to find the right size. We love to take the stress away from our customers. If you want, I can dress someone from head to toe and it does not take a long time.”

Mandy enjoys her job. “It’s so varied. We see people at special moments in their lives. One moment you see the grieve of a man looking for a suit for a funeral, the next moment you help someone choosing a wedding suit. It’s amusing to see a 16-year old boy buying a shirt for a date, or a student buying his first suit.” Mandy is sincerely interested in her customers. “Often a groom pops in to show his outfit before he gets married on his way to Town Hall. Then I will peek around the corner to see how he walks up the stairs with his bride.”

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