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Fish must swim

Les Copains Delft

Twelve tables with white linen tablecloth. Whoever walks past the small restaurant Les Copains, could be mistaken. There is not a stiff affair here. Chef Eric Ketel and hostess Debbie Ketel like a relaxed atmosphere. With an eye for detail though.

The couple met each other at the Dutch Congress Centre. They enjoyed working together and soon became “buddies”. A strong bond that they still have. Hence the name of their restaurant Les Copains, French for buddies.

We know what our regular guests like.

The restaurant specializes in fish, crustacean and shellfish, but the menu also features some meat dishes. Eric and Debbie consciously choose for a small scale restaurant. Debbie: “All guests receive personal attention. This attention starts as soon as you enter to when you step outside. We know what our regular guests like. We know: Mr. De Wit is allergic to saffron and Mrs. Jacobsen does not like olives.

Eric starts his day at ten o’clock in the morning at Scheveningen. He then chooses the fish for his restaurant. With this produce he will prepare special dishes such as fish with asparagus and lamb’s lettuce or with meat. “You can make so many combinations with fish. A lot more than people think,” explains the chef. In his four-man team is also a sommelier. Eric: “Fish must swim as they say. We have fifty wines on our menu as we want to continue to surprise. A fish with Brussels sprouts and a veal gravy for example. We get excited when our sommelier is able to find the perfect wine to accompany a dish and it all melts together nicely.”

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