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Chocolaterie De Lelie has been making exclusive bonbons and chocolate specialties since 1996. Since 2013 they have been making the best ice cream in Delft the traditional way with all natural ingredients.

Will it be stewed pear ice cream? Or a bonbon with local beer? Maybe a chocolate with mulled wine in it? Or an ice cream with strawberries from the local fruit nursery? Nothing is “ordinary” in De Lelie chocolate shop. Each flavour has been thoroughly tested. Every ingredient is fresh. Owners Ingrid and Sjaak den Bleker take care of this personally.

“We stop at every spice stall on the market. We taste everything and find inspiration for new flavours everywhere. During a holiday I once drank a mojito. Such a tasty combination of flavours! We begged the bartender to write the recipe on the back of a beer coaster. When we got home my husband didn’t even unpack his suitcase. He went straight to the kitchen to experiment with a new ice cream flavour”, laughs Ingrid.

The shopping area of De Lelie chocolate shop on Voorstraat is narrow and small, but the building is long. It’s not just about the counter. In fact, the real thing happens in the back. Where moving kettles keep the chocolate at the perfect temperature. Where Sjaak, Ingrid and their dedicated team make every piece of chocolate by hand. 

Sjaak is a chocolate maker in heart and soul. He once won the Dutch championship and went to the prestigious “Ecole Lenôtre.” He does not keep his love for chocolate to himself.

Ingrid: “It can take weeks for a new taste to be perfectly balanced. The whole team, our family, the neighbors, everyone is involved. We continue to taste pieces of chocolate or scoops of ice cream. While I’m busy with a deadline at the office, Sjaak suddenly bursts in with ‘You really have to try this!’” 

And that is exactly what customers want. Taste. All those flavours. So take a little stress into account when visiting. Or download the Lelie app and choose at home in advance. This way you stay up to date on the available flavors, seasonal products and special activities, such as a “pepper ice cream challenge.”

Note: Only chocolate is sold at the Voorstraat location in the fall and winter period. You can get an ice cream all year round at De Lelie at the Gasthuislaan location.

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