City map Delft… free download

City map Delft makes it easy for you to find your way in the city center of Delft and is free. The map of Delft is standard located in the heart of the Delft visitor’s guide. It is a convenient and handy fold-out map that is expandable to an A4 page.

On the city map of Delft you will find:

  • hotels and B&Bs of Delft,
  • clear Delft landmarks,
  • car-free area Delft,
  • locations of pin devices in Delft city center,
  • Delft train station and tram stops,
  • TU Campus, and
  • distance indicator and orientation arrow.

Download or pick up a free copy of the city map?

city map Delft?

The map can be downloaded here and printed separately at high resolution. If you want to collect a visitor’s guide from Delft somewhere in Delft, you can find the collection points under “Grab your copy” in the main menu. If you want us to send you a guide, please send us an e-mail.

The city map is designed by Pixlbar and is meticulously updated with the latest developments. Please contact us for commercial use.

Click image below to download the PDF

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