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Do you associate flowers as a cellophane wrapped bunch from the gas station? Enter Pluck, where you learn to look at flowers in a new way.

Archive bins, concrete lamps and a sturdy platform full of vases. A wooden table is full of seasonal products, such as rosehip branches, bulb chrysanthemums and callicarpas. Bags of poppy seeds hang on the wall. This store has the same cool and fresh appearance as the ladies behind the counter: Marit van Schie and Tessa van Luijk.

Flowers and emotions are connected. Flowers make you happy

‘Look at what beautiful flowers we have in the Netherlands!’ Marit points out, recognizable by the floral tattoo that covers her entire left arm. ‘Twenty flowers a bunch are being crammed together in supermarkets and at stations. While five flowers are much nicer.’ She loves the scabiosa. ‘That is a flower that wobbles when it blows. I like to mountain walk and there it grows in all kinds of colors. It is in my garden and as a cut flower in the shop.’

The favorite flower of Tessa is a salmon pink ranunculus. ‘A ranunculus starts small and keeps growing. More and more leaves appear. Every day they are a bit different.’

Customers come to Pluck for a complete bouquet of flowers or for a single flower. Tessa: ‘Flowers and emotions are connected. Flowers make you happy, like a wedding for example, but they can also bring comfort. Some people get tears in their eyes when they receive a bouquet.’ Marit: ‘Sometimes people come in to sniff energy. They wander around the flowers and dream away. I find that so beautiful to see. We do not hurry anyone.’


Lenny Tamerus is the word artist who asks discerning business owners critical questions and then always returns beautiful editorial articles. Normally she works at Omroep West and her own company LT Media.


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