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De Bierfabriek Delft

Home brewed beer & BBQ chicken

Bierfabriek is a brewery, restaurant and café in one. They brew their own beer, serve free range chicken grilled on the charcoal BBQ and play funky music. Feel at home, draft your own beer, eat the chicken with your hands and throw the peanut shells on the floor. Go and enjoy their filling and affordable dishes. Perfectly suited for large groups.

In the 16th century, Delft had around 200 beer brewers. At its peak, they brewed 77 million liters of beer a year. With the introduction of tea and chocolate by the VOC, the brewers disappeared from view. Currently, Delft has four professional beer brewers. One of them is the Bierfabriek.

The Bierfabriek is located in a special building. Once a a city loan bank, a bicycle factory and music venue … Now you step over crunching peanut shells, drink a beer and eat a roasted chicken.

Brewing beer is mostly lugging and cleaning

The visiting public is local and international. Just like the staff. The owner is an Italian, the cook a Czech. He put the stew from his home country on the menu. The men with the most muscle are the home brewers, such as Stijn Beurskens. “Brewing beer is mostly lugging and cleaning,” he laughs. “Just stowed away a supply of 1,000 kilos of malt … and without clear clean fermentation tanks beer will not taste good.”

Brewing beer is a natural process. Stijn: “A beer gets its taste from its ingredients. And by playing with time and temperature during brewing, fermenting and lagering. The weather also has an influence. I can tell from the cooking temperature what the air pressure is …” The Bierfabriek has three home brewed beers. “Our beers are accessible, in taste and for your wallet. You can get a few without falling over or being a connoisseur.”

An evening at the Bierfabriek is therefore simple and uncomplicated. Just like the menu. Pure and straightforward. So will it be a blonde Bianco, a fruity red ale Rosso or the porter Nero?

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