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Strolling through Delft is wonderful because of its canals, facades and historic buildings. But also the many different shops make it wonderful like ladies boutique O’DONNA for example.

Owner Odette Dorjee was spoon-fed with entrepreneurship. “My parents ran a sports shop. I sometimes skipped school to assist in the shop when I was 15-years old.” Ten years ago she opened her own shop in Delft. She sells brands in different price ranges, such as LTB and Goosecraft. “I select clothes on the criteria of quality and fit. I like muted little color combinations and less prints. It’s a must if the seam doesn’t scratch you, and the buttons don’t come off. This is so true if you’re a woman.”

I select clothes on the criteria of quality and fit.

In the shop you can look around and ask for extended advice, but be warned… Odette: “Customers always get honest advice. I can only sell something which I support. I recently sold a dress to a woman who was 50 years old. She had never worn a dress. At the end of the party she sent me a picture with pride. That makes me happy.”

Gradually Odette’s own shop is becoming a family business. “My three daughters are my Facebook models and their moodboards are on display in the store.” Her twin daughters regularly help in the shop. Developing a passion for this trade doesn’t just fall from the sky. “Imagine: I actually phoned my daughters in sick from school if they were prepared to come along when buying new stock. Alarming, isn’t it?!”

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