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La Tasca

Dining at La Tasca

La Tasca is a family owned restaurant with delicious dishes inspired by mediterranean cuisine. La Tasca has all the ingredients for a perfect night out.

At the age of 19, Milan Singelenberg became co-owner of La Tasca, his father’s Mediterranean restaurant. About a special collaboration and sustainable surprises.

“I was seven and handed out a cake at the opening. I was very proud of my father”, Milan says. He helped out during childhood: serving, doing the dishes and the mise en place. After high school, he officially joined the business. “My father is a fantastic chef, but he is less on the business side. We are a kind of ying-yang. I work purposefully, while he lets things take their course. We need few words to understand each other.”

I want people to leave here relaxed and satisfied, not stuffed.

The restaurant was renovated in 2016. The interior became modern and timeless; with herringbone parquet and light oak. “That is sustainable, matches the building and will still be beautiful in 50 years.” Sustainability is important to Milan.

That is why La Tasca only serves a surprise menu. “This way we always work with fresh produce resulting in less food waste. We throw very little away. Unused produce that remain after an evening service, will be eaten by the team the next day. Remaining vegetable cuttings are put in the drying oven for vegetable broth. Incredible how much flavour you can get from the stems of a radish!”

The menu consists of a starter, a pasta dish and main course. Possibly with an aperitif or dessert. Milan: “I want people to leave here relaxed and satisfied, not stuffed.” Milan will not reveal the menu for this winter, but can reveal which dishes La Tasca served in the past. “Think of a tartar of bavette with a dried egg yolk and smoked mayonnaise, oysters, home-made pate and saccottini filled with pear and taleggio …”

Sustainable entrepreneurship keeps Milan busy until after closing time. “At night I remove the plastic from the canal with a pin stick. Drunk students look at me in surprise”, he laughs.

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