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Delft is just like a painting with its canals and beautiful streets. Painters like Johannes Vermeer and Carel Fabritius used to think so… Of course you can take a selfie, but how wonderful is it if you really step into that historic picture? It’s possible with a photo shoot at Barbara van Gelder from Something Extra.

“Look like you have a delicious ice cream and you suddenly get another …” A woman looks into Barbara’s camera with a slight twinkle in her eyes. A silk scarf on her head. A pearl shines in her ear. Her husband holds the Vermeer painter’s palette. “This is going to be a masterpiece!” Barbara laughs.

…everywhere, really everywhere, there are amazing costumes

At Something Extra, people come in for a great experience and a special souvenir. That experience starts immediately when entering the studio because everywhere, really everywhere, there are amazing costumes. Barbara transforms you into a Rembrandt muse or a naval hero and takes your photo. Or you can go home with a personal remake of the painting “the anatomical lesson.”

Barbara is a theater maker and historian. At the age of 18 she moved to Delft for her great love and also fell in love with the city. “Delft is fantastic. Small in size, big in history. And that spirit… In our photo shoots you step into a painting. That is possible indoor, but can also be set in the city itself. History is not boring. You discover that when you become part of it. As soon as you put on a white collar or put on a hat, you start to feel that history. A layer comes up that you did not expect. You will never look the same again at a painting.”

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