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Experience the Dutch history at Museum Prinsenhof Delft. Discover stories about Willem van Oranje, Delft Blue, Delft innovations and art.

In 1966, Muddy Waters sang “Got my mojo working …” It inspired the Delft entrepreneur Berry Visser to start his own company. That company, MOJO, has now been in existence for 50 years. Every Dutch person who loves music owes an unforgettable evening to this company. For the first time in the history of this music giant, you can really take a look behind the scenes … in Museum Prinsenhof Delft.

North Sea Jazz Festival Photo: © Joan van Nispen
North Sea Jazz Festival Photo: © Joan van Nispen

No Lowlands Festival or North Sea Jazz Festival without MOJO. No Ziggo Dome or AFAS Live. And no show from Ariana Grande or John Mayer … The MOJO company is behind the organization of the lion’s share of the festivals and the shows of (inter) national bands in the Netherlands. In addition, the company develops knowledge in the field of sustainability and safety during performances.

Marga Schoemaker put together the exhibition MOJO Backstage – Delft masters in the music industry. “With Delft Masters you might think of artists such as Johannes Vermeer and Jan Schoonhoven, but MOJO certainly also belongs in this list,” says the curator. “The museum takes a risk with this, because it is a new kind of exhibition for us. We are happy to take that risk. Music is also an art form. The most connecting art form there is. Everyone has a thing with music. It releases all kinds of emotions. Of course, it is a tough world where everything revolves around money. But behind a concert or festival there is so much more. Safety, nutrition, psychology, logistics, crowd management … We want to show that. “

Half of the audience does not pay for a ticket, instead they cut holes in the fence to enter the field for free.

There are many interactive effects in the exhibition. You can listen to interviews with the founders of MOJO and you will be overwhelmed with performances in a 360-degree room. You can also take a virtual reality trip with the popular rapper Ronnie Flex who walks from his dressing room to the stage. And of course attention is paid to the very beginning of MOJO: a success story with a sour edge …

Without money or experience, but with a dose of guts, Berry Visser organizes the three-day Holland Pop Festival in 1970. It takes place in the Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. Berry receives help from his future partner Leon Ramakers. Despite the pouring rain, it is a resounding success for visitors. For MOJO it is a financial debacle. Half of the audience does not pay for a ticket, instead they cut holes in the fence to enter the field for free. At sponsor Coca-Cola, layoffs are made and Berry and Leon have to fork out a large part of the costs for the following two years. But in the music world their name is made …

Delft, opening expositie NMojo voor museum het Prinsenhof Delft.

The exhibition “MOJO Backstage. Delft masters in the music industry “can be seen from 12 April to 1 September 2019. Peter te Bos designed the exhibition. For many years he was the designer of the Lowlands Festival and is the singer of Claw Boys Claw.


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