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Dille & Kamille Delft

What do you immediately remember at a store? The interior? The assortment? At Dille & Kamille (lit. Dill & Chamomile) you immediately think of the scent… of candles, soap and of the food you plan to cook that evening.

Eli Liebe and his wife Sabrina own the Delft franchise store. Dille & Kamille is the one constant through his life: ‘As a child I often visited Dille & Kamille, my uncle was the owner and my mother worked in that store. I especially remember the old-Dutch sweets: Duimdrop, licorice root sticks and those flat white-pink mints.’

We sell honest products. No plastic, no child labor and if possible organic.

Duimdrop and licorice root is still in the range that is further characterized by natural simplicity. Eli: ‘We sell honest products. No plastic, no child labor and if possible organic. I think that honesty is the most important. Especially how we communicate to our customers. We test our store’s products as much as possible ourselves. I often sit on a ‘Dille & Kamille’-chair and in the summer our roof terrace is full of herbal plants from our store. If something is not right, we say so.’

Many customers are avid food lovers. They come to Dille & Kamille for the weckpots, ladles or herbs and spices. Eli and Sabrina take the time to listen to your cooking plans. Sometimes customers not only buy something, but also bring something! Eli: ‘We have such nice customers. We get small change, home baked cookies or even cake. The other day a customer brought a jar of homemade chili paste. So good!’

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