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De Style Kamer

He was once a personal shopper in Canada. He also accompanied world artists such as Diana Ross and the royal family at Schiphol. Bram de Vries, owner of De Style Kamer, is an adventurer. Yet his store in Delft is solid as a rock.

‘I come from a beautiful little village in Groningen with two streets and a church …’ Bram laughs. He did the art academy and fashion school, wandered the world and worked for well-known couturiers like Frans Molenaar. He moved numerous times, but there was always a common thread: fashion and style.

Many customers proudly email a photo or return for more.

Last year a new adventure came his way: a beautiful building in Delft. The store has now become his living room. He is there seven days a week. In his establishment he made room for the DNA of Delft: photographs of the royal family and Delftware decorate the wall.

He defines his style of clothing “rebel dandy.” Brands like MatiniqueDstrezzed and Drykorn adorn the racks. Bram: ‘I’m busy with fashion 24 hours a day. Every season I make my own moodboards. I get inspiration from everywhere, also from a Netflix series like Peaky Blinders. Fashion should reflect your personality. It is the first thing people see. That’s why I listen carefully to my customers. Who are they? Many customers proudly email a photo or return for more. Then I think: mission accomplished.’

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