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Relax at an old postoffice

‘t Postkantoor

A living room atmosphere.  Many restaurants aspire to it. Cafe-restaurant ‘t Postkantoor nails it. Maybe because the owners try their restaurant’s fittings at home first?

A concrete look combined with lots of wood furnishings. Rugs, glass lanterns and chairs that could belong to your grandmother. The interior of the post office is neat and at the same time cozy. No Parisian situations here where you sit on the lap of fellow guests. There is plenty of room, because it used to house a post office for over 115 years. “As a child I was queuing here for stamps. Later in life I picked up my public transport card,” explains owner Martijn Poot. “On the corner of the bar was a machine to pull a number. Further on were the counters. And where our terrace is now, mail trucks used to drive back and forth.”

We still occasionally receive a call about misdirected mail.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, there is little left of its history. “Everything was demolished when we bought the property. Unfortunately. It must be authentic, I think. However we still occasionally receive a call about misdirected mail.” Martijn runs the restaurant together with his wife Ellen Kruidhof.

“We are a plus size eatery, with classic dishes like steak and sea bass fillet. We love a casual atmosphere. Therefore, there are seating areas with a sofa and a fireplace. When the tables are filled, it is dinner with the plate on your lap. “ It is no coincidence that their restaurant looks like their own home. “We sample new items at home first. Like the 60’s seats. But once home and work resemble eachother too much, we throw things around.”

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