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Time passes at De Delf

De Delf

The Oude Delft is the oldest canal in the city. There are many restaurants and cafes in the buildings around here. A new spot is De Delf. That name is no coincidence.

‘Did you know that a canal used to be called a delf? And that this old canal was there before any buildings or the church? It became the lifeblood of the new city.’ Explains Roland Dijkman. Roland and his companion Ferry van Winden are devoted to this place. Ferry: ‘It has the atmosphere of a square. In summer, the restaurants and the terrace boats are full. Students are barbecuing along the water… there’s always something going on.’

The interior does not have to stand out. We want guests to remember how good it was.

Restaurant De Delf has a timeless interior: lots of green, wood, steel and a huge old photo of the canal covering the entire wall. Ferry: ‘The interior does not have to stand out. We want guests to remember how good it was.’ Of course, the right food is part of that. From tender pieces of meat to a courgette bowls and fries of sweet potatoes, with a lot of attention for local products and local beer.

Food is not served on a plate. There is one long plank on the table. Roland: ‘You know that feeling when your fellow diner has something more tasty on his plate? Or that you keep doubting between two dishes? Now you can share everything with each other.’ Serving on planks has another advantage. Ferry: ‘Pre-dinner drinks are often the most enjoyable moments. That feeling now remains the whole evening.’

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